1-20m21-50m51m & over
Autumn Lawn - 30mm -(rolls 2m/4m wide)
Hard wearing, “C”-shaped memory fibres offer the best possible pile recovery. A realistic use of colours for your multi use lawn.
Acer Lawn - 30mm - (rolls 2m/4m wide)
This 30mm pile height offers a freshly cut lawn in a mix of Olive and field green tones.
Birch Lawn - 40mm (rolls 2m/4m wide)
A premium grass suitable for multiple applications. It has a softness and the combination of colours gives it authenticity.
Malus Lawn - 38mm - (rolls 2m/4m wide)
A beautiful looking grass that will transform any garden. A firm favourite with our landscaper customers.
Oak Lawn - 32mm - (rolls 2m-4m wide)
This robust C shape memory yarn grass is a clear favourite for Childrens play areas. The bright bi-colours giving an appealing and fun effect.
Perfect Lawn - 40mm -(rolls 2m/4m wide)
Top of the range. 40mm pile for a lusher appearance. A blend of 4 colours, “C”-shaped yarn offers bounce back resilience for a family lawn
Populus Lawn - 40mm - (rolls 2m-4m wide)
This is a unique grass created by a wider stitch which gives an open less directional appearance.
Pristine Lawn - 40mm - (rolls 2m/4m wide)
40mm pile; the rich, dark green gives the ultimate artificial lawn
Play Lawn - 35mm - (rolls 2m-4m wide)
A strong “C” shaped yarn offering exception durability leaving it ideal for heavy use.
Pets Lawn - 28mm - (rolls 2m-4m wide)
A fantastic Artificial grass that combines both looks and texture with technical design features making it ideal for pets.
Summer Lawn - 40mm - (rolls 2m/4m wide)
A manicured, dense 30mm durable rich darker green grass, perfect for a garden lawn. Two different “C”-shaped grass fibres give the appearance of a freshly laid spring lawn.
Salix Lawn - 45mm - (rolls 2m-4m wide)
This grass boasts an impressive 45mm pile and non shine finish with darker tones. It certainly adds a wow factor to your garden.