51m & over

Autumn Lawn(rolls 2m/4m wide)
30mm pile, hard wearing, “C”-shaped memory fibres offer the best possible pile recovery. A realistic use of colours for your multi use lawn.




Acer Lawn (rolls 2m/4m wide)
This luscious, dense and soft grass with a dark brown thatch gives a fuller but natural look. Multifunctional for all areas 30mm pile




Birch Lawn (rolls 2m/4m wide)
This stunning 35mm grass is soft and springy to the touch. It has a superb multi tone pile with a dense light brown thatch and diamond shaped memory pile.




Malus Lawn (rolls 2m/4m wide)
A longer 40mm multi-tone pile delivers a soft and extremely comfortable feel. Open and less directional for a natural look.




Oak Lawn (rolls 2m-4m wide)
Oak grass has a long 40mm multi-tone pile which gives a spring like lush lawn all year round.




Perfect Lawn (rolls 2m/4m wide)
Top of the range. 40mm pile for a lusher appearance. A blend of 4 colours, “C”-shaped yarn offers bounce back resilience for a family lawn




Populus Lawn (rolls 2m-4m wide)
This robust 32 mm grass is a clear favourite for children’s areas as well as maintaining a read lawn appearance.




Pristine Lawn (rolls 2m/4m wide)
40mm pile; the rich, dark green gives the ultimate artificial lawn




Play Lawn (rolls 2m-4m wide)
A strong 35mm “C” shaped yarn offering exception durability leaving it ideal for heavy use.




Striped Lawn (rolls 2m/4m wide)
The nearest you will get to that manicured lawn! A 30mm pile with a good wear tolerance.




Summer Lawn (rolls 2m/4m wide)
A manicured, dense 30mm durable rich darker green grass, perfect for a garden lawn. Two different “C”-shaped grass fibres give the appearance of a freshly laid spring lawn.




Salix Lawn (rolls 2m-4m wide)
This supersoft grass is our new premium product, 40mm pile comprising an extra dense base layer, full mid-length fibres plus a third layer of longer strands all 5-8 stitch gauge, slightly random and less manicured appearance, plus a great soft and springy tread under-foot.




Dog Play Lawn (rolls 2m-4m wide)
36mm grass on a polyurethane backing. Use with "Zeostop" to reduce odour




Dog Play Lawn 2 (rolls 2m-4m wide)
40mm grass on a polyurethane backing; ideal for use with larger or multiple dogs. Use with “Zeostop” to reduce odour




Spring Lawn (rolls 2m-4m wide)
Developed to replicate a real grass lawn. 40mm "W" shaped fibres have a broader blade and more open appearance. A perfect, natural lawn for gardens and roof terraces.