SEED TURF (May 2018)

Each roll measures 1·64m x 61cm (5’5″ x 2′) and covers 1m²

per m² 1-10

per m² 11-99

per m² 100+

A mix of grass species blended to produce a hardwearing turf with good appearance throughout the year. A high proportion of creeping grasses combined with the more vigorous compact ryegrasses enable the sward to recover from damage quickly. Used in various sports situations it is ideal for general purpose lawns. Rysport is easy to maintain and is made up of the following seed:- 30% Perennial Ryegrass; 25% Strong Creeping Red Fescue; 25% Slender Creeping Red Fescue; 15% Smooth-stalked Meadow Grass; 5% Chewings Fescue.




A mix of grasses species blended to produce a hardwearing turf also suitable for winter sport pitches, golf tees and hard wearing lawns. 25% Evita dwarf perennial rye grass, 20% Julius smooth stalked meadow grass 10% Centre chewing fescue 25% Chopin strong creeping red fescue and 20% Cezanne slender creeping red fescue




25% Limousine Smooth staked meadow grass 25% Trophy Chewing Fescues 20% Cezanne Slender Creeping red fescue 20% Chopin Strong Creeping red fescue 10% Highland Browntop bend This turf is ideal for golf tees, putting greens, surrounds and very fine ornamental lawns. *PLEASE DISCUSS MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS TURF BEFORE PURCHASING*




Low water requirement, shade tolerant, much harder wearing than conventional Ryegrass turf, less mowing, lower nutrient requirements, holds colour in dry summers, suitable for various soils, much faster rooting than Ryegrass turf under normal turfing conditions on various soils, deep rooting down to 2.5’ to 3’ when established, ideal for stabilising grass banks and bunker surrounds and can be mown down to 12mm. Elite and Xeris turf needs laying within 48hrs from lifting. Delivery days for both Elite and Xeris are Tuesday and Wednesday. These turfs need to be ordered with your site prepared and ready to lay on day of delivery.




Ideal for odd corners/areas to encourage wildlife; also has the advantage of a reduced maintenance regime.




Delivery charges: 50m² and over – no charge; smaller quantities £12, £17, £22, £27 (inc VAT) depending on delivery area.  Collection from Redcroft Farm is welcomed, however, a telephone call prior to collection of loose topsoil or bark would be advisable to ensure that a member of staff is available to load.

Please note: From December to March a 50% deposit is required on all orders

All prices are subject to change without prior notice