SEED TURF (3rd March 2022)

Each roll measures 1·64m x 61cm (5’5″ x 2′) and covers 1m²

SEED TURFper m² 1-10per m² 11-99per m² 99+
A mix of grass species blended to produce a hardwearing turf with good appearance throughout the year. A high proportion of creeping grasses combined with the more vigorous compact ryegrasses enable the sward to recover from damage quickly. Used in various sports situations it is ideal for general purpose lawns. Rysport is easy to maintain and is made up of the following seed:- 30% Perennial Ryegrass; 25% Strong Creeping Red Fescue; 25% Slender Creeping Red Fescue; 15% Smooth-stalked Meadow Grass; 5% Chewings Fescue.
Upminster Turf
It is suitable for general lawn use and amenity landscaping. The turf has a medium texture and will root quickly once laid, it is versatile, extremely hardwearing and will keep its colour all year round. It is made up of Dwarf Ryegrass and Fescue
Upminster Shade Tolerant Turf£8.70£7.96£7.38
Fine Turf £7.75£7.09£6.56
Ideal for odd corners/areas to encourage wildlife; also has the advantage of a reduced maintenance regime.
Climate smart Clover, Double root, a world class hybrid cross of white clover and Caucasian clover, the result is a highly durable turf which provides its own free clean nitrogen, eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers. Drought resistant being deep rooting, which helps it stay green throughout the summer. Attracts bees and other pollinator insects.

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